Why I Hate How How I Met Your Mother Ended

To quote my friend, Sheila, “It was never about the yellow umbrella. It has always been about the blue French horn.”

Days after the series finale of How I Met Your Mother, friends and I are still analyzing the fucking ending. It wasn’t legendary because we were all shocked (and not in a good way!).

We were all rooting for the Mother, whose name is Tracy. Sure, Ted and the Mother ended up together, getting married, having two kids, and leading a happy and perfect life. And then, the Mother died.

Six years after her death, Ted shares the story to their kids on how he met their mother. This was all a ruse because as the kids pointed out, Ted wanted to subtly say that he still loves Robin and that he wants to ask her out.

The series ended with Ted standing outside Robin’s apartment and holding the blue French horn.

Why do I hate it? Let me count the ways.

1. Ted is the friend who never wants to move on.
You know that friend. He is the one who keeps on pining for his ex even though the ex has completely moved on. He is the friend, who stalks his ex’s social media accounts, who keeps mentioning the ex every time he/ gets. He is the friend who always manages to connect every tiny detail of any story to the ex.

He is the friend you want to slap, strangle, and yell at, “Enough! Mag-move on ka na!”

2. Ted wouldn’t know the right person if his life depended on it.
Victoria was perfect. Stella was also a great gal (before she ditched Ted). Again, Ted is the friend who rants why he can’t find the right woman when two perfectly women have already passed by.

His true love is Robin, you say? Then, here’s the next argument.

3. Robin is the female Barney.
As shown in the series, Barney is asshole personified. He said it best when he argued that if he couldn’t make his marriage work with Robin, he’ll never make it work with anyone.

Robin is the female Barney. She is bitch personified (no female friends, hates Patrice, etc). If she couldn’t make his marriage work with Barney, why do you think her relationship with Ted would work?

We also need to remember that Robin has persistently broken Ted’s heart. She ended up marrying Ted’s best friend. This leads me to my next argument.

4. Past behavior is a good indicator of future behavior.
This is a valid and grounded psychological assessment. As mentioned above, Robin has broken Ted’s heart so many times. She will break Ted’s heart again and again.

And I go back to my first two arguments, you want to slap Ted and yell, “Enough!”

5. We rooted for Ted in finding his one great love.
For nine seasons, we waited for Ted to find his one great love. We saw him in his highs and lows. We saw him dump and get dumped. We saw him happy and sad. 

When the Mother died, we all felt cheated because all we wanted–all these nine seasons–was for Ted to finally find his happy ending. His ending was Mother died and he regressed and went back to Robin.

Sure, I believe that timing is everything. It has a solid Biblical reference in Ecclesiastes, “To everything, there is a season.”

Timing with the Mother makes sense, yes. But timing with Robin, no. Because Robin has a different set of priorities in life, which do not fit Ted’s priorities. And judging by Robin’s past behavior, she will break Ted’s heart again.

6. Ted is Archie.
I added this as an afterthought, two weeks after I wrote the first five items. Another reason why I hated the ending of HIMYM is because Ted reminded me a lot of Archie Andrews, the much-loved comic character.

For years, Archie chased Veronica, who broke his heart over and over again. Even when he has the perfect girl, Betty, he continued to pine for Veronica. 

Veronica is Robin, period.


I talk about them like they’re real people. Hahahaha! You should hear me talk about The Walking Dead!

It wasn’t a legendary ending. Okay, it was legendary in a bad way. 

I am not surprised that the producers are releasing the Season 9 DVD with the alternate happy ending. Many fans felt cheated and the producers need to do damage-control. The hatred was legendary.

As MindyTV said, we were the last slap-bet in all these. I agree.

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