Where to Stay in Caramoan

My friends and I stayed in two different places in Caramoan. Our initial plan was to spend 3 1/2 days in Caramoan and then spend one day in Naga to ensure that we will catch our plane without any hassle.

But the first two days of our stay in Gota Village were rained out so we decided to extend one more day.

We got the 4D/3N package of Gota Village for P9,500 per person. It’s a bit pricey but when you get older, you will appreciate not worrying about the little details of your trip. I’ve been DIY-ing most of my trips and I occasionally love just letting others take control.

Gota Village 
Here are the inclusions of the package:
* 4 days & 3 Nights (via Naga)  
* Minimum of 4 people
Medium Wood Cabana (4 people)
* Fully Air Conditioned Room with TV, DVD Player & Mini Fridge
* Private Toilet, Bathroom with hot and cold shower
* Land and Boat Transportation (round trip)
* Pick up from Pili Airport- Sabang Port (1.5 hours drive)
* Sabang Port- Guijalo Port**** (2.5 hours boat ride) (public passenger boat)
* Guijalo Port- Gota Village Resort (25 mins drive)
* 2 days Island Hopping Tour (1st day Tayak, Tinago, Lahos, Honungan, Matukad and 2nd day Lahuy and Sabitang Laya Islands)
* Unlimited Cliff Diving- depending on weather and tidal conditions
* Introductory to Rock Climbing
* Mountain Trekking & Rappelling
* River Kayaking and Caving
* Inclusive of 15 minutes full body massage
* Inclusive of meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

The accommodations are great in Gota Village although the food is just so-so. 

The bangkeros are great in explaining what the islands are and giving caution on things we need to watch out for (like sea urchins). I also like that all boats are equipped with relatively new life vests (because I don’t know how to swim). They’re also responsible in explaining which islands cannot be visited for various reasons (strong waves, low tide, etc).

If you want to book your stay here, you can contact Ms Donna at 0920967294 or gotavillage@gmail.com. Better call instead of just texting as signal can be bad in Gota Village. You can also visit http://www.caramoanislands.com/.

The advantage of staying in Gota Village is that you are closer to the islands, especially the remote ones like Pitogo, Cotivas, etc. Gota Village is also the home of Survivor staff and crew although the contestants live in the other islands.

You also don’t get to see where the Tribal Council is being held (at Gota 2) because it’s closed to the public. According to one of our bangkeros, who got to work as PA in three seasons of Survivors, Gota 2 is where the contestants live after they’re voted off the island. They are not allowed to go to Gota 1 nor speak to other people (probably to avoid spoilers).

Borebor Bed, Bar, and Grill
For our extended one day, we contacted Mike Borebor at the last minute. We were just one hour from checking out of Gota Village when we called him.

Lucky for us, Mike still had one vacant room left so we had no choice but to squeeze the three of us in just one room (P wanted his own room).

Mike is a Caramoan tour guide for more than three years and runs Caramoan Seascapers Travel and Tours. He also runs Borebor Bed, Bar and Grill, a home that was converted into a bed and breakfast place.

Mike is a native of Caramoan and his family is quite known in the place. Just a few meters from Borebor Bed, Bar and Grill is a high school named after his grandfather.

Borebor Bed, Bar and Grill is located at the sentro. It’s easy to reach it. Just tell the habal-habal driver to bring you to the munisipyo. It’s just in front of the municipal hall.

Our package was P1,500 per night. This includes one room, two meals (we arrived after they cooked lunch), one-day island hopping, port transfers).

If you want to book your stay here or get Mike as tour coordinator, you can contact him at 0930-959-7409 or check out his website. Mike also has an agent but I suggest that you talk to him directly. He’s such a nice guy. 🙂

The advantage of staying in Borebor (or anywhere at the sentro) is that you are closer to the other islands of Caramoan. We got to visit a few more like Horandayan, Calagikhik, Asuang, and Tinago. These are just 20-30 minutes from Sabang Port.

The best among these islands is Calagikhik. For four hours, we had the island all to ourselves. 

Our trip to Caramoan was enjoyable. This is one item I’ve ticked off my travel bucket list.