What Are You Passionate About?

I was talking to a colleague when she said, “You know naman na pareho tayong passionate about branding and social media.”

That stopped me in my tracks and I really had to think about it. 

I’m not passionate about branding.

I’m not passionate about social media.

I’m not passionate about digital.

Yes, even though my work revolves around branding, social media, and digital, I am not passionate about these topics. * collective gasps *

I like anything digital, that’s true. I am fascinated with digital. But I don’t think of digital as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Those who are close to me know that I see digital is a double-edged sword. It can be used for both good and bad.

Sometimes, I kid my friends (only I’m half-kidding) that it can be the mark of the beast. You know the tale we told as kids where you will be tracked because you have a microchip embedded in your skin? That’s what I think about wearables, smart phones and Google. Hahahaha! 🙂

But what am I passionate about?

I’m passionate about learning. Obvious ba? Kaya nga ako laging nag-aaral, eh! I love learning new things, whether it’s about social psychology, current affairs, or anything under the sun.

I like knowing things that’s why my TV is mostly glued on CNN. This is why I’m always online because I get to read a lot of articles. That’s why I’m going back to reading again.

This is why I love traveling because I get to learn about new cultures and see new places. As I do my research, I also get to know what makes a place and its people tick.

This is also the reason why I’m fascinated with digital because it’s constantly evolving. There’s always something new to learn.

How about you? What are you passionate about?