We Accept the Love We Think We Deserve

A wife creates a dummy Facebook account to disparage the mistress of her philandering husband.

A single woman hooks up with a married man.

Another wife creates a blog about the affair of her husband.

A single woman doesn’t give a damn that her married boyfriend still hasn’t legally separated with his wife.


The members of the FB group I belong to discussed these different real-life situations (no names involved!). We all wondered why these women allow their partners to treat them shabbily. 

More importantly, why do these women choose to stay in abusive relationships? If their partners are such assholes, then why bother running after them? Why can’t they cut ties and allow themselves a real shot at happiness?

A powerful quote from a beautiful book.

Subconsciously, do these women believe that yun lang ang klase ng pagmamahal na karapat-dapat sa kanila? That’s the level of love they deserve (if you can call it love)?

Don’t get me wrong. Some men are like this, too. They don’t value themselves enough to leave an abusive relationship.

What’s even harder to fathom sometimes is that some of these women are smart, accomplished, and highly skilled. Pero pagdating sa love, toinks talaga! Kulang na lang pukpukin mo sa ulo para matauhan (asa!).

Even when you try to reason out with them, they would always make an excuse for their partners. Minsan, ibbrush off ka and would say, “Ay, basta!”

I guess it’s human nature that we turn a blind eye when we are in love. But yun nga, I hope we can really think long and hard on the kind of love we think we deserve.