#ThrowbackThursday: Taal Volcano

It isn’t everyday that you get to see a volcano crater. Even more rare is to swim in the waters of a volcano crater. I had the chance to experience this in 2009 when I and my friends went to Taal Volcano.

That body of water behind me is the crater. We were only allowed to wade in the waters (not swim). The guide told us that the floor bed (?) is uneven and we might not be able to swim back. So we literally just dipped ourselves very near the shoreline (?).

Oh, in case you’re interested, we got our trek package from Taal Lake Yacht Club and we got the Secret Trail Trek. This is the least popular tour package but it takes you to the very crater of Taal Volcano. Yung most popular kasi is the one where you have a top view of the crater.

Here’s another look at the crater:

That’s the crater behind me. Bumaba pa kami and walked about 1 hour to reach that place. But the experience is so different! Unforgettable!