#ThrowbackThursday Mt. Pulag

Today is #ThrowbackThursday and while writing this, I am watching American Idol 13. I’m rooting for MK and Jena, by the way.

Anyhoo, my first #ThrowbackThursday entry is my photo taken from Mount Pulag.

This was in 2011 when three work colleagues and I went to Mt. Pulag. What the hell were we thinking? Well, there was a sale in CashCashPinoy!

I think it was P2,500 only for everything so we bought it and packed our bags.

That trip was perhaps one of the most ridiculous things I’ve done with my life. I’m not the outdoorsy type. Heck, I’ve never gone mountain-climbing. And we had to walk nine straight hours from Ranger Station to the summit and back to Ranger Station. Again, what the hell were we thinking?

But by far, it was the most exhilarating feeling. Relief, adrenalin rush, excitement all rolled into one. I can’t freaking believe I reached the summit! Too bad we weren’t able to witness the sunrise because it was raining real hard but summit is the summit!

Will I go back to Mt. Pulag? Probably, probably not. But I was very happy to have gone on that trip.