#ThrowbackThursday: Ice Cream

Summer na! And what better way to beat the heat than to eat ice cream!

Those are not ordinary flavors of ice cream. In August 2010, we went to Naga for the SouthStar Drug fun run. We did a side trip in Legazpi City and looked for Colonial Grill. We heard about sili ice cream and we wanted to try it our for ourselves.

Back then, it cost P80 for three scoops per flavor. The yellow one is calamansi ice cream, the brown one is tutong rice, the pink one was sili ice cream, and the green one was malunggay ice cream.

The best one for me was the calamansi ice cream. Yung sili ice cream, may gumuguhit sa lalamunan mo. 😀

Before I forget, this was the best Bicol Express I’ve ever tasted. I love spicy food and I could never resist a good and spicy Bicol Express. We got this at Waway Restaurant, also in Legazpi.

Come to think of it, as early as August 2010, we were already taking photos. That was two months before Instagram was launched and gave birth to #foodporn. Wehehehe!