#ThrowbackThursday: Always

The song “Always” has always had a special meaning in my life. Back in the days when I thought I could sing, I would perform in front of my classmates (back in our elementary years). 

This was way before somebody condescendingly told me I’m tone-deaf (yabang lang nung taong yun).

I sang this song with an old friend. He’s the same friend, who thought of me after hearing “Heavenly Angel” by Menudo. It was probably a birthday surprise for one of our teachers. R and I used to have a major crush on each other. Wehehehe! We were in third grade so kras-krasan lang yun. 🙂

The intro and the first line always get me. 26 years after I first listened to this song, I still get goosebumps and I feel all those warm and fussy emotions in my heart. A couple of versions have come out since but I will always love the original.

And this is the first time I’ve seen the MTV and it’s beautiful. I didn’t know that Atlantic Starr was black and the video depicts the love of a black family. Progressive at that time! 🙂

Enjoy the music!