Third Wheel

Nothing feels more awkward than to be with a couple that makes you feel like a third wheel.

You know what I mean. They’re the couple who makes you and everyone else in the room stop existing. They are the couple that prefers to stay in a corner while everybody else chats, drinks, eat, and just have a good time.

They are the couple that even when they are with friends, they can’t stop touching each other (get a room!). They are the couple that makes you wonder, “Bakit ba sumama pa sila kung hindi din naman sila makikipag-socialize sa amin?”

But don’t get me wrong. Hindi lang couples ang gumagawa nito. There are those na hindi pa officially couple that makes you feel the same way. They are the ones na all they do is talk to each other. And when they engage you in conversation, the topic is still about them.

Alam mo yun? The guy is still courting your friend and your friend introduced you to each other. Instead of just having a good time, all the guy does is ask information about your friend (yung nililigawan) and the friend is just there!

I mean, if you want to know something about your friend, eh di itanong mo na diretso. Nasa harapan mo na, eh!

There’s something offensive about people who make others feel like the third wheel. It’s rude to just huddle in one corner and spend the entire night without talking to other people. It’s inappropriate to keep being touchy with each other because there are other people around you. Medyo konting finesse lang.

And it’s inappropriate to talk to your loved ones in “baby talk” when there are people who can hear you. Again, medyo konting finesse.

The best couples are those who know the world does not revolve around them. During gatherings, they engage with others as individuals and not as boyfriends-girlfriends. They talk about topics that do not revolve around their relationship. 

They discuss ideas that make them who they are as a person. They ask questions and they are interested to know other people in the room. That’s what makes them great.