The Other Woman

A couple of weeks ago, my Facebook and Twitter feeds were swamped with updates about The Legal Wife. Yeah, that hit show from ABS-CBN. 

#TLWTheRoyalRumble even trended on Twitter. It seems that “Masarap ba ang asawa ko?” was one of the most memorable lines in that episode of The Legal Wife, when the character of Angel Locsin discovered that her husband was having an affair.

Some found the confrontation intense. I found it demeaning.

Women, especially, legal wives should NEVER (emphasis on never) stoop down to the mistress’ level. No matter how angry or hurt you are, always be the better woman. 

Know your rightful place and realize that whatever happens, you are and will always be (for all eternity) the better woman.

This reminded me of an essay from Thought Catalog. “An Open Letter to Women Who Sleep with Taken Men” best captures what a mistress is:

You achieved your “prize” though–by cheating. And like the athletes stripped of their honors and medals, you have been stripped of integrity, dignity and the hope of calling yourself an honest womanYou are the bad karma he has earned.

And this line best describes what a legal wife (or the official girlfriend) is:

You may just see me as a bitter ex. Yes, I am a woman scorned, scarred, bruised and exhausted from screaming my side of the story. I am also a woman who has something you don’t: peace of mind. You will always have the burden of knowing you had attained your partner through manipulation. 

And if ever you have been experienced being cheated on, know that something good will come out of that experience. I know. I’ve been there and it was the best thing that happened in my life. 🙂

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