Thankful Sundays: Uneventful But Good

That was a fast week! My gulay! I can’t believe that the last week just flew by. What’s even more unbelievable was March went by just as quickly. April na next week! The first quarter is over!

Here are the things I’m grateful for for the week that passed:

1. Art attack
R and I went to Makati last Sunday to check out Art in the Park. It was my first time to attend that annual event. We had a great time checking out the masterpieces of local artists. We also had a happy dinner at Apartment 1B.

2. Finished documents.

I’ve been waiting for someone to finish a report for the last seven months. After much delays on her part, she finally got to finish it. I’ve seen the draft and it just needs a few edits.

The report is critical in the legal process I’m going through. The delays were frustrating but I’m just grateful that it’s all done.

The report was very revealing, too. Can’t specify the details but those who know my life would be interested to know that things are finally moving on.

3. Exciting work.
Things are very exciting at work. We love our bosses, work is good, and PS time is near. I’m part of the team that would bring our corporate brand to life so I’m excited to be part of our company’s history.

4. Spend time with the parents.
I wasn’t able to go home to my parents’ home last weekend because of the Bruno Mars concert. This week, I was able to go home and spend time with them. I also shared with my dad regarding those finished documents.

5. It was just a good week.
I’m very grateful for the past week. Nothing stood out and there was really nothing major but I felt really good last week. I look forward to April. šŸ™‚

How did your last week of March go?