Thankful Sundays: Things Are Moving

The biggest blessing I am most grateful for this week: things are moving along.

First is a major project at work. Things are moving quite fast and it’s great that we are all involved in this.

I can’t go into the details but we’re all excited to be part of building our mother brand.

Next major item is that the legal thingie I’m involved in is moving quickly. After some major delays in finishing some documents, K is rushing a lot of things to make up for lost time. I expect more developments in the coming weeks.

For both items, I pray that God would give me the strength in accomplishing my responsibilities.

Oh, next week is Lent. Well, today is Palm Sunday. I hope we all have a quiet Holy Week.

As for me, I’ll be on vacation but I wrote a couple posts in advance. I’ll post more after the break.

How’s your week?