Thankful Sunday: What a Long Week!

It was a long week! Ako na ang busy! I’m just happy and relieved that the week is over kasi ang dami kong ginawa!

1. Social Media Summit
This is the third year that I’m holding our Social Media Summit. This idea came to me in 2012 when the office is starting to move to digital. It was one of my “little” dreams for the office, that the organization would be equipped with the different social media tools. And I can’t believe I’ve been holding this event for three years now.

This year, I invited some of the known resource persons from digital agencies like Jason Cruz, Leah Besa-Jimenez, Mon Lizardo, Jonas delos Reyes, Rezza Custodio-Soriano, and our very own ASP from Unilab Active Health.

Thanks to teamwork and everyone involved, it’s another sucessful run for SMS 2014. Feedback showed that participants want it to be a two-day event. Parang di ko kakayanin! The Boss Daddy pa naman said I can’t get an agency. Waaah! Baka di kayanin ng powers ko! Hahaha!

Wait, where’s my promotion na?! 😀

2. Happy 48!
My parents celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary.Two more years at golden anniversary na nila! I’m thankful to have an example of a happy marriage. I just wish I could be just as lucky.

3. Gift of health
My mom was diagnosed to have mild pneumonia and high blood pressure. The doctor, who first checked her, told my dad that she should be confined. My dad sought a second opinion for my mom and her condition can be cured by antibiotics. Thank you!

4. Year of the Laity
It’s the Year of the Laity and the church where I regularly attend Mass held a recruitment day for those who want to serve our parish. Yesterday was the orientation. There would be a series of formation and whatnots and I hope I can pass everything and have the chance to serve in the Lectors and Commentators Ministry.

I do worry, however, with my present circumstances. Sana hindi ako i-judge because of my situation. I do want to serve the Lord and it would be heartbreaking if the parish declines me because of my situation.

5. On vacation
I’ll be on a five-day vacation very soon. Now that I’ve finished a major project in the office, I can finally get excited.

How was your week?