Thankful Sunday: Simple Joys

There’s always something to be thankful for. Isn’t that a nice line? 

It’s been a great week. Lots of simple joys and little surprises. #thankyoumoreplease

1. Online conversations.
I like chatting with you online. I wish we had more conversations and that one day, our online conversations would be face-to-face conversations. 🙂

2. New freelance projects.
I just sealed a new project for another Australian-based client. I love Aussies. About 90 percent of all my freelance projects came from Australia. Thank you, Lord, for this big blessing.

3. New office projects.
The boss just assigned a couple of new projects for me. Challenging but exciting. Now, where’s my promotion? Wehehehe!

4. Listening to someone brilliant.
I invited the Donald for a digital briefing in the office. Donald and I have known each other since our Inquirer days and I regularly ask him to be a speaker in my digital events. He has always been approachable despite his stature. He’s really, really brilliant!

5. Little surprises.
Last Sunday, as I prayed at the Holy Family Adoration Chapel, I asked God for a happy surprise. Monday pa lang, meron na when a potential client agreed to get my services for a social media project.

Freelance projects are what I’ve been asking God recently since I need a little bit more money to pay for another legal process. As it is, the one I’m working on now is costing me money but I need a little bit more so I can pay for the second one. So this new project is most welcome.

Another surprise I received is gifts from an online friend.

6. Bruno Mars
My friends and I got to watch Bruno Mars last night. It was epic and by far the best concert I’ve ever watched (probably second to Phil Collins’ Manila concert in the 1990s). I’ll post more about this in the coming days.

How was your week?