Thankful Sunday: Simple Joys

It’s Thankful Sunday! Here are some of the things that I am thankful for for the week that passed. Have a blessed Sunday, everyone!

1. Assurance of trusted people.
It’s always a blessing to know that some people have your back. A simple “No worries” is enough to assure you that everything will be okay. Thank you, K.

2. Unanswered/answered prayers.
For the last few weeks, I’ve been praying about getting to know something something (sorry I don’t want to be too specific). A few days ago, I think I finally found the answer I was praying for.

3. Small lessons.
Two things I learned this week: I don’t want to be treated like crap and I look for consideration in people. I hate being made to wait. I’m a punctual person and when people give schedules, I expect them to follow it. If and when you will be late, I expect some courtesy that you will let me know about it.

Sorry, I sound like I’m ranting. Well, I did but I’m okay now. Apology and explanation accepted.

4. Make-up lessons.
After three decades, I finally gave in and studied how to apply make-up. My friend Jody is a wonderful make-up artist. When super typhoon Yolanda struck last year, she organized a fundraising project for those affected by the typhoon. She did this by organizing a make-up 101 session. For just a donation of P500, she will teach the basics of make-up.

If you’d like to get Jody as make-up artist, just send me a private message and I’ll hook you up with her. 🙂

5. End of the semester.
As much as I love to go to school, I also very much welcome the school break. This week, we had our last sessions in Ateneo. I still have two final papers to submit next week but I no longer have to go to school for the next two months. Yay!

The second semester was tough. I questioned myself a few times on why do I bother studying and what use I have of my two Master’s. 

But this semester was also satisfying. The two subjects I took–Communication in Management and Science Communication–have taught me a lot of lessons. Mahirap pero fulfilling.

6. Simple thank yous.
Simple appreciation from people makes my day. 

How was your week?