Thankful Sunday: Long Break and Full Schedule

I haven’t posted my Thankful Sunday last week as I had a lot of things to attend to. I really should be mindful and more disciplined in writing about the things I am thankful for.

These are the things I was thankful for the last two weeks:

1. Back to school
I’ll be back in graduate school this week. I enrolled in two subjects this semester even though that wasn’t my original plan. 

It’s going to be a busy second semester in the office and then, I’m adding school work to my work load. It’s going to be crazy but I know I will enjoy this semester. You see, one of the subjects I’ll take is Introduction to Graduate Cinema and it will be taught by my favorite grad school professor!

Yeah, yeah. I’m such a nerd!

After this semester, I’ll only have three subjects left before I finish my graduate degree. It’s the final stretch, baby!

2. Time with a good friend
I spent a day with B at Ateneo because she wanted to know more about the MA Communication program. It’s nice that she got to see a little bit of my world.

I’m also thankful that the office has a loan program for employees who are taking graduate studies. Zero-percent interest! Sabi nga ng isang office friend ko, “Para ka lang nangutang sa magulang mo.” πŸ˜€

Money’s a bit tight right now sa dami ng kailangan kong asikasuhin so this is one benefit I’m thankful for.

3. Lunch-outs with office friends
For some reason, we had a lot of lunch-outs with office friends the last two weeks. I’m not complaining as it’s a great way to de-stress from work. We tried a few trendy restaurants: Yabu, Boqueria and 8 Cuts. 

No pictures. I think I mentioned it before. I don’t want to post photos of my friends in this blog without their permission (unless the photos are long shots and you can barely recognize their faces). πŸ™‚

4. Major project almost complete
One of the major projects I have this year is in its final stretch. Social Media Summit is an event I hold every year for our brand and marketing people. 

This year, I’m putting a little twist to it as I’m incorporating two mini-workshops. All the confirmed speakers are recognized industry experts so I’m really excited.

The only downside of being the project champion for this is that I don’t get to listen to the talks because I’m busy overseeing everything. Hay…

Sana next year, I find someone who will take over this. It’s about time na ipamana ko na ito.

5. Friends marathon
As always, office was considerate enough to give us a long weekend. June 13 is sandwiched kasi by June 12 and the weekend so our corporate calendar indicated that we have a four-day weekend.

I love the fact that the office gives us our company schedule way in advance so we get to plan our vacation. Mas madali ang buhay namin.

Surprise, surprise! I stayed home this four-day long weekend. Yeah, I didn’t plan any travel this time. One, I don’t have excess money for another trip. My gulay, halos every month, bumibiyahe ako! Second, other friends have plans. Third, I have another trip next month, which I am saving up for. Fourth, there are other expenses I need to attend to.

So these factors really make it impractical for me to travel. But it’s fine because I spent the long weekend on a FRIENDS marathon!

It took me several months to complete my FRIENDS DVD compilation and I didn’t want to hold a marathon na hindi complete. Thankfully, the Season 5 I ordered from Amazon finally arrived.

I’ve always liked FRIENDS. I remember watching bits and pieces of it on Channel 5 when I was in ollege. Hindi ko lang nakumpletong panoorin because it was shown on a school night (Wednesday, I think). But I know what happened with the characters.

10 years later, I finally get to watch it in full. What can I say? Timeless talaga ang FRIENDS. Patok ang lines, ang wardrobe, and hair! I was telling fellow FRIENDS lovers that the hairstyle of Rachel Green is a classic. Kahit ngayon, pwede pa din gayahin.

Ah, FRIENDS. The family you choose. Sayang lang the cast and producers don’t really want a movie made out of this.

So, how was your week?