Thankful Sunday: Arts, Culture and Celebration

The last two weeks were busy, busy, busy. But I’m not complaining.

Here are just some of the highlights of the past two weeks:

1. Culture and Arts
The team had a summer outing two weeks ago. We went to National Musuem and joined Carlos Celdran’s Walk This Way. Yeah, it’s not the typical summer outing of beaches. We’re nerds that way. 🙂

2. Celebrations
Two members of our team celebrated their birthdays–M and the Boss Daddy. And celebrations mean food, food, and more food! 🙂 Mababaw lang talaga kaligayahan ng team namin. The way to our hearts is good food. 🙂

3. Results of my annual physical exam
I haven’t undergone an annual physical exam in years. Last April, I finally had the chance to do it. The results were not ideal but I’m still thankful because it means I have the chance to get back in tip-top shape.

How was your week?