Thankful Sunday: A Happy Heart

I missed writing about my Thankful Sunday last week because I was on vacation with friends. Here are some of the highlights of our getaway:

The happiest place on earth. No matter what age you are, you will always feel like a kid when you visit this place. This place is just pure magic.

This is the second Disneyland I’ve visited. I hope for a third one. Sana next time, Paris naman. 😀

The Mystic Manor is one of the most impressive attractions in Disney. The effects are just amazing!

Princess Aurora (?) and Prince Charming

We saw this carving prominently displayed at Grand Lisboa. The details were so intricate and the entire thing is gorgeous. The inscription indicated that this was carved from a mammoth tusk.

Macau is a place for the rich and the rich. Strolling around Wynn Hotel, we saw this Hermes store. Mag-aattempt sana kami na pumasok para tingnan ang presyo but no! The place was closed from other shoppers because there were two private clients inside.

Sila na ang nagpasara ng Hermes! 😀

Ah, Tiffany… I remember B and I going to a Tiffany store during one of our trips. Some items naman from Tiffany are kinda affordable. Pwede na.

B and I were kidding that time as we were browsing some of the more expensive jewelry from Tiffany. We said na kaya naman namin bumili kahit isang Tiffany pero homeless na kami pagkatapos. Hahahaha!

But I would love to own at least one Tiffany ring. Isa lang, okay na yun. 🙂

The trip was such a happy one and I got to spend quality time with friends. Happy heart, indeed.

How was your week?