Tale as Old as Time

It’s coming to Manila and I’m watching!

Of all the Disney movies, this is my favorite. Actually, it’s a toss-up between Beauty and the Beast and Mulan. I just love Beauty and the Beast a teeny weeny more because it was my dad who introduced this to me.

I love that Belle is not just some lamebrain, who wanted to marry a prince. She was smart, confident, and has ambitions. Even when others feel that she’s odd, she doesn’t care because she knows who she is.

Among the songs from the animated film, this is my favorite.

Belle (Reprise)

That song has struck a chord in me when I first heard it in high school. Just like her, I wanted “adventure in the great wide somewhere.” While some of my batchmates were interested in courtship and having boyfriends, I wanted to get away from what I considered a “small world.”

There was, and still is, a longing inside me to see what’s out there. This includes meeting new people, seeing new places, learning new things. Of course, I ended up with Beast at some point in my life, which is just as bad as ending with Gaston. Hahaha!

Anyhoo, I’m happy that Beauty and the Beast Musical is coming to Manila. Ang saya-saya lang kasi more Broadway acts are being held here. I remember it took several years to bring Miss Saigon here.

But now, every year may dinadalang musical production dito. Win! 🙂