Soul Pancake and the Single Life

YouTube is one of the top search engines in the Philippines. 

Yes, Filipinos use YouTube as a search engine. I’m not really into YouTube unless I watch replays of The Voice Kids Philippines or I upload our products TV ads on our YouTube channel

But there is one YouTube channel that I really love: Soul Pancake. It is the creation of Rainn Wilson, that actor from The Office (US version). To me, I remember Rainn Wilson as that weird character in “Six Feet Under.”

I love Soul Pancake because it discusses “spirituality, creativity, religion, arts, and philosophy” (Wikipedia entry).” More importantly, it spreads happiness through its videos.

One of its recent videos is The Single Life. It talks about how we all desire to be with someone whose values we deem important: honesty, integrity, kindness, etc.

A challenge was posted to the respondents as they were asked to call their person of interest (people they’re currently dating or interested with) to tell them why they like them.

Ang hirap, ah! But all of them did it. In their words, the experience was liberating, freeing.

Ah, this video brings back memories eons ago when I mustered the courage to tell someone I like him. Most frightening thing I’ve ever done in my life. It was stupid, brave, idiotic, and liberating.

Unfortunately, nothing came out of it but a badly beaten and bruised broken heart. Wahahaha! Sorry naman! Real life is nothing like the movies. Just because you told someone you love him doesn’t mean he will also tell you that he loves you.

Telling someone you like him is a big risk but it’s worth doing it at least once in your life. Sugal lang kasi hindi mo alam kung gusto ka din nya or hindi. But jump, anyway. 🙂