Real Problems of a Graduate Student

I was reading some contributions on Thought Catalog and 26 Fun Facts about Grad School caught my eye. I definitely could relate to some items but some are foreign to me. Maybe because it was written from the point of view of full-time grad student.

I’ve always been a part-time grad student. I have to because I have a full-time job, which pays for my tuition. Having been a graduate student for 12 years, siguro naman I have the right to write a similar piece. LOL!

So here are 10 real problems of a graduate student (albeit part-time):

1. “What the hell was I thinking?” is a question that you often ask yourself. This and “Why do I even bother?”

2. Once or twice a week, you will feel guilty for leaving the office earlier. Undertime and offset are words you regularly use.

3. You will always feel overwhelmed because you have to juggle school and office deadlines.

4. Sem break is something you look forward to except the sem break before you take your compre or thesis.

5. You will learn to squeeze in socialization in your super busy schedule. This can be a quick lunch or coffee with your friend. Or late dinner after your class.

6. Your wallet will hurt. The expenses you incur from paying your tuition and going to class once or twice a week will hurt.

7. The library will be your favorite tambayan.

8. You will hate professors who are bookish and do not provide real-life application of concepts.

9. You will dislike classmates, who are in graduate school because they are in-between jobs, do not want to get a real job yet, or are children of owners (COO) who do not have work experience yet. You will feel superior over them (whether rightly or wrongly).

10. You will always wonder whether graduate school is worth it.