Perfect Timing

There’s a right place and time for everything. This is a lesson I’ve always struggled with but this has never been more apparent last week.

It’s true what they say. Everything is revealed at the right time and for me, it was a revelation, indeed.

And while it temporarily knocked the wind out of me and after two days of just allowing myself to feel frustrated about it, I’m finally at a place where I have accepted the truth.

It is what it is and I respect and accept it.

I’m also thankful to God for showing me the truth. I am grateful that He allowed me to know it early on, that I didn’t have to invest emotionally in this thing. I’m thankful that He told me when I was ready to receive it.

I’m also grateful for the experience. I am glad that I experienced it, that I had a perfect day, that I felt what it’s like to be taken cared of, to be appreciated, to be fussed about. I’m glad that I met these new and wonderful people, who appear to genuinely like me.

Most of all, I’m grateful that He prepared me for it. Not only did He prepare me for this revelation, I believe that He is also preparing me for better things in my life. He’s preparing me for the thing that I’ve been praying for the last four years.

Basta, I’m thankful.

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