And I know exactly what I am asking for. No turning back. We carry on.

Thankful in the Midst of a Storm


Even when you’re in the middle of the storm, be thankful. Even when you’re in pain, be thankful.

It’s easy to be angry when you’re hurt, when you’re in pain, when you’re lost, when you’re bruised. It’s easy to last out and say, “Why me? I don’t deserve this!” It’s easy to think the great big Universe is being unfair. It’s easy to play the victim.

But this is the time to be thankful to God, to praise Him for molding you to become a better person. Lord, I thank You.

What I Know For Sure


You can and you will be happy.

You can and you will smile again.

You can and you will feel alive again.

You can and you will see that life is worth living again.

You can and you will love again.

Not Best Friends


I am not your best friend and you will never call me your best friend. But I know that I’m the friend closest to your heart, the one you tell your deepest and darkest secrets to. I’m the one you turn to when the going gets really though.

You are not my best friend and I will never call you my best friend. But you will always be the one I turn to for every little success, for every little joy, for every little pain. I often tell you that you can destroy my life with how much information you know about me.

We are not best friends and we will never call each other best friends. But we know every little thing about each other. All the joys, the pains, the hurts, the milestones. We are always present when we need and do not need each other.

We are not best friends and we will never call each other best friends. And we’re both fine with that. In fact, we never really talked about it. We didn’t need to.

Because the label has never been important and it will never be important.

We both know what is and that’s all that matters.

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Wall of Positivity


There’s something powerful about being positive. When I was still in the midst of processing a legal case, I tried my utmost best in avoiding any negative emotion. I’ve learned that negativity did not do anything good. It distracted me from focusing on my goal.


I have one goal this year and I’m sticking to that. Sometimes I catch myself thinking negatively but I always stop myself. Just like last year, I don’t want to give power to any doubt because I am 100% driven to achieve this year’s goal. I will achieve it, by hook or by crook.

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Let God Surprise You!

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Sometimes you try to find a way to make your hopes a reality pero nagiging pilit and what you want does not really materialize. But the thing is, God has better plans for you and you should just trust Him enough that whatever His plans are for you, these are so much better than what you have in mind.

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe but it is true. Just trust Him. Let Him surprise you. 🙂

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Days Ahead


There will be days when you feel so much pain. Even the mere mention of the name would be like a knife ripping your heart into tiny little shreds.

There will be days when you just don’t want to wake up because waking up means remembering everything you’ve been through and you feel like you just can’t take it anymore.

There will be days when you ask yourself if there’s a bright future ahead of you, if the day will ever come that you will feel alive.

There will be days when you just want to give up because a little voice in your head tells you that it’s no longer worth it.

There will be days when you ask yourself so many questions. Why did this happen to you? Will things ever make sense?

Yes, there will be days like this.

But there will come a day when you will wake up and realize that all the pain has passed, that any mention of that name will no longer give you pain.

There will come a day when you will wake up ready to face the world. You will face the day with love and gratitude in your heart because you know you have survived the toughest time in your life.

There will come a day when you will finally understand that all your questions have been answered. You understand why things happened and everything has made sense.

There will come a day when you realize that a bright future is already here and now. You are alive once more. You are smiling once more. And you are ready to love once more.

I promise that day will come and when that day comes, you know everything was worth it.

Your Life at Season 5

The writers are developing slow-paced episodes. The main character is focused on her work with occasional dinner dates with her super friend, discussing life choices, waxing philosophy, and well, judging people. The main character is also seen sneaking glances and occasionally interacting with a potential love interest. She’s daydreaming about him. The writers are not sure how to develop this story arc.