Off the Beaten Path: Anda, Bohol

I wanted to have a birthday getaway and B wanted to just get away. So without much planning, we booked our tickets and accommodations and voila, we reached Anda, Bohol!

The sleepy town of Anda is about two hours away from Tagbilaran. But even with the long commute, it’s all worth it because Anda is such a beautiful place, in every sense of the word. You love Boracay? You’ll love Anda even more. This remote town boasts of fine white sand that would give Boracay a run for its money. 

I love Anda more than Boracay because it’s not yet commercialized, which means fewer people and less trash. Yung public beach mismo ng Anda is gorgeous and without boats obstructing your view.

If you want peace and quiet, Anda is the place to be. B and I just read, wrote, ate, and swam. 

And we love that East Coast White Sand Beach Resort is such a gorgeous place. Good food, good amenities, good view, and good staff!

Here are some photos I took:

Anda’s sunset is a burst of colors
The calm Anda waters
Anda’s public beach. It boasts of white fine sand
that would give Boracay a run for its money.

How to get to Anda
1. From Tagbilaran airport, take a trike that would bring you to the GT Express terminal.
2. Hop on a GT Express bound for Guindulman. Ask the driver to drop you off at Guindulman Public Market.
3. From Guindulman Public Market, take a trike to bring you to your resort.

Airfare* (via Cebu Pacific) = P4,200 
Trike (from Tagbilaran Airport to GT Express terminal = P50 per pax
GT Express to Guindulman = P120 per pax
Trike to East Coast Resort = P75 per pax
Accommodations** = P2,500 per pax (Two-night stay, twin bed, free breakfast) 
Meals = P150 to P300 per pax per meal 

* We splurged on the plane fare a little because we only booked our flights a few days before our trip.
* East Coast’s minimum rate is P3,000 per room per night. But East Coast was so generous to give us a discount and even book us a triple room. Thank you, East Coast!!!

It’s my first time in Bohol and I didn’t get a chance to see the usual tourist spots. But who cares? I would go back to Anda anytime!