Of Pretenses and the Appearance of Being “Cool”

You just got a new pair of shoes. It’s gorgeous and your work colleagues are raving about it. A few days later, one of your work colleagues got the exact pair of shoes. 

She didn’t acknowledge that she got the idea from you. Worse, kunwari deadma lang sya.

Everyone knows that you are passionate about a specific kind of music. You also know that your friend doesn’t like that kind of music. Then suddenly, you heard that your friend is attending a music festival that features that kind of music you know your friend never liked or never even talked about.

Nag-iba ihip ng hangin? 


It can be really annoying kasi you know that 1) they got the idea from you 2) they pretend that it’s their original idea and 3) you know that it’s not who they are. 

Obvious na nagppretend at nagffeeling “cool.”

It’s okay to admire your friend’s bag and have the same bag. The very least you should do is acknowledge that to your friend and ask if it’s okay to get the same bag.

It’s also okay to suddenly start “liking” a music genre that you once did not like. But please don’t act like you’ve loved that for a long time, so much so na nag-aattend ka na ng music festival.

Baka nga not once did you even have a conversation about that music genre tapos ngayon uma-attend ka na ng festival. Seriously?! Anyare?

We fall into the trap of being pretentious. We are tempted to present ourselves to people that we are “cool.” Consciously or consciously, we try to “like” things that would make us look “cool.”

Things like:
* Art
* Foreign films
* Music genre that is not mainstream (tipong tribal or classical music)
* Trendy restaurants
* Trendy food
* And others

Why not just be yourself? Why bother trying to make yourself look cool? Some of you would argue that maybe, you’re just trying to expose yourself to other things. After all, there’s nothing wrong with trying out new things.

Sure, no problem with that. We are evolving human beings and we are constantly looking out for new things to try and do. 

But puh-leez, you know what I’m talking about.

There’s wanting to try new things and there’s pretending lang. Gets ninyo yun and I know at some point, you experienced that.

My friends have influenced me to try new things and I appreciate it. B introduced me to Kate Spade. Mindy exposed me to The Mindy Project. 

But I always, always acknowledge that they are the ones who influenced me. I never go around pretending na ako yung naka-discover sa Kate Spade at The Mindy Project kasi alam ko naman yung totoo, eh.

There’s nothing wrong with not liking what you think are “cool” things. If you don’t like them, it’s okay. I don’t like John Mayer or Amy Winehouse and I probably will never like them. Even if millions of people think that they’re cool, that won’t persuade me to like their music. Ganun talaga.

Magpakatotoo lang tayo sa sarili natin. That’s the real definition of “cool.”