National Museum and Carlos Celdran’s Walk This Way

Our team had our summer outing two weeks ago. We chose to go cultural as we headed to the National Museum and joined the Walk This Way walking tour of Carlos Celdran. 

It was really, really fun! 

I’ve always wanted to join this walking tour but in my past life, someone was bigot and kept me from joining.

The tour was three hours long but you really won’t notice time passing by. If anything, bitin pa.

The nice thing about the walking tour is that you get to learn about Manila’s history in a fun and enjoyable way. Carlos Celdran will have the Imelda tour sometime in August and I hope we can also join that.

 The inscription says Mrs. Banks. I don’t know who she is but she’s beautiful!

 Our national hero… or depends on who you ask. 🙂

Can you translate this in Filipino? 🙂

What are we doing? We’re trying to understand Baybayin. 🙂

My attempt at writing my last name in Baybayin.

If you have time, please join the Walk This Way walking tour of Carlos Celdran. It is really worth it!