#investinexperience: Bruno Mars in Manila

I wasn’t planning to watch Bruno Mars in his Philippine concert. My friend G, however, was looking for companions so he could watch it. So another friend J and I said we’re willing to accompany him.

We booked the tickets middle of February and we almost didn’t make it. By that time, the tickets were about to be sold out. The best we found are upper-box tickets.

Upper-box tickets were expensive at P4,810. Our seats pa were near the General Admission area. As G said, “Isang pader na lang, GA na tayo.” To which we replied, “Upper box pa din!”

So, how did Bruno Mars’ Moonshine Jungle tour do?

It was epic! I’ve watched a lot of concerts and this is, by far, the best concert I’ve seen in recent years. Bruno Mars was the ultimate performer. He can sing, dance, and play the piano and guitar!

I have to repeat that he can dance and I mean, he can REALLY dance! That guy is so sexy when he dances!

He performed a total of 16 songs in two hours. At first, I didn’t like that he was performing with The Hooligans. I could barely hear him sing because of all the instruments but later on, I realized it is what made the concert so good.

There was a high level of artistry and The Hooligans complemented Bruno Mars’ musicality (naks!) and vice versa. I also noticed that despite only having sung 16 songs, the concert lasted for two hours.

16 songs at five minutes each song would only last about 80 minutes (not even 1 1/2 hours) but the songs were all re-arranged to make them longer. 

I also admired Bruno Mars’ energy. Sabi nga ni G, parang naka-cocaine. The energy level is so high. His only “break” was to drink water and the gap before the finale.

P4,800 was expensive for where we were seated but I think it was worth it. When he comes back (and he said he will), I will definitely watch him again. I’d definitely consider buying the more expensive tickets.