In Love with The Mindy Project

I am late in joining The Mindy Project bandwagon. Even when my friend MindyTV raves about the show on her Twitter feed, I wasn’t really that inspired to watch.

I tried to catch some Season 1 episodes at 2nd Avenue but I found Mindy Lahiri to be a little bit annoying. But for some strange reason, I follow Mindy Kaling on Twitter and I get excited when MindyTV gives updates on the TV show.

So even though I was annoyed with Dr. L, I was updated on the development of her lives, including the Secret Santa dance of Dr. C and the Season 2 finale.

I finally gave in and watched The Mindy Project from the very start. And what can I say? I fell absolutely in love with it.

I mean, I love a lot of shows. My favorite TV shows of all time are (in order of love) 1) Will & Grace 2) Psych 3) The Walking Dead 4) The Newsroom.

The Mindy Project, from the middle of Season 1, floored me. I love the pop culture references, the funny lines, and how relatable the characters are. 

I love that Dr. L is so smart and successful in what she does and yet can be so ignorant when it comes to the matters of the heart. She dates douchebags and can be damn clueless on people who care for her.

The Mindy Project is unabashedly in love with rom-coms and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, I love that it uses a lot of references to a lot of popular films like Gone with the Wind, Nora Ephron movies, Bridget Jones Diary, etc.

I mean, these are movies I really, really love.

Watching The Mindy Project is like watching one very long rom-com and you can’t help but root for Mindy. And I love that Season 2 ends up with Danny and Mindy getting back together.

I’m so in love with the show. So in love that I watch vital Danny and Mindy moments together. And that final scene at the Empire State Building? Memorize ko na yung lines nilang dalawa. 😀

I’m happy that The Mindy Project will have Season 3. I can’t wait. 

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