High Blood!

Okay, I’m exaggerating. I don’t really have high blood pressure. But my latest physical exams showed that I have high cholesterol!

It’s no surprise, to be honest. I love pork! Anything FRIED pork. Bacon. Crispy pata. Breaded pork chop. Lechon Kawali. Bagnet. Lechon Macau. The crispier, the better.

It’s a lifelong love affair with pork and friends know that I would pick a pork dish if it’s available.

But as one grows old, the sins of the past can also haunt you. Sa physical exam ko lumabas. 🙁

My annual physical exam showed that I have borderline high total cholesterol and LDL (bad cholesterol). My HDL (good) cholesterol is within the normal range so that’s a good thing.

The good news is that my health situation is not so bad. In fact, there is much hope! My cardiologist said that I’m not (yet) a candidate for hypertension. My parents didn’t have high blood pressure until their 60s. I don’t have relatives who had a heart attack before their 60s. I’m within my ideal weight (122 lbs, baby!). I don’t smoke. I don’t drink.

Yung diet ko lang talaga ang issue, which is so within my control. So my cardiologist said I should make changes with my diet to bring down my cholesterol. These are:

1. No fried food.
2. More fruits and veggies.
3. Only lean meat.
4. More exercise.

Admittedly, I still eat fried food but para tumikim lang. I didn’t want to deprive myself too much kasi feeling ko, my craving would be back with a vengeance.

I also eat meat pero konti na lang just to satisfy my craving. Fortunately, I have managed to avoid eating those fried pork dishes I mentioned above.

I also incorporated more fruits and veggies to my diet. I also began to walk to work instead of taking the cab. And I joined the weekly Zumba classes in the office. Yay!

I’m also watching what I eat through MyFitness Pal’s food diary. So far, my food intake shows that I’m consuming less salt and sugar. 🙂

I’ll be taking another Panel 11 before June ends to see if my cholesterol goes down. So far, I think the lifestyle changes I made have made me healthier. I no longer feel lightheaded and I sleep way better at night so okay na din!