Here’s to the Brave People I Know

I’m on a “brave” kick this week. ūüôā

Be Brave

Here’s to all the brave people I know:

* The lady who lost her husband and child within six months, and still have a huge amount of strength to go on

* The good friend who quit her full-time job two years ago to fulfill full-time freelancing

* The lady who keeps on fighting for her baby to survive

* The man who found love again after losing his first marriage

* The good friend who found love again after two failed relationships

* The good friend who found the strength to move on after falling in love with a seminarian

* The good friend who continues to strive to save her marriage

* The lady, whose husband left her for another woman, but still continues to thrive for her two kids

* The good friend, whose husband left her for another woman, but she continues to be friendly with her husband

* The woman who has bounced back after an abusive marriage

* The friend who continues to help other women, who are transitioning to a new life

* The single mom who continues to strive to raise her only child

And to all the brave souls out there, who loved and broke their hearts, who won and lost their battles, who continue to survive, thrive and fly. May you never lose faith, hope and love. ūüôā