Grammar Nazi

Before anything else, go ahead and check out Grammar Girl. It is a great resource to learn about grammar, punctuation, and how to master the English language.

In the last few days, I keep seeing this image on my Facebook feed.

I work in corporate comm and for years I handled the company newsletter. My work requires me to use proper grammar in all communication. Whether I’m posting a Facebook update or writing an article, I can’t commit grammatical errors.

I’m also a Journalism graduate and I’m taking my master’s in communication so there’s the added pressure on myself.

But I don’t have the same expectation with other people. 

Let me correct that. I no longer have the same expectation on people.

Grammar doesn’t define a person. As long as I can understand what you’re saying, I won’t even mentally correct your grammar. We’re not native English speakers, anyway, so why would I even bother being a grammar Nazi?

Ang masakit pa diyan kasi is yung mga self-confessed grammar Nazi, sila pa nga yung mas nagccommit ng grammatical mistakes. Lakas lang ng loob magpost ng ganun sa Facebook.

Okay, I draw the line somewhere. If it’s official and business communication, I edit my teammates’ work. After all, it’s the company they are representing so konting ayos lang sa communication.

But for everyday conversation, keber ko kung wrong grammar ka. Basta huwag ka lang jejemon, okay tayo.

Maybe I’m getting old. Or maybe I’m just more accepting of people’s flaws.