Facing the Consequences

We are faced with choices every single day. Some are small, seemingly mundane choices. Some are huge and can be potentially life-changing.


Making a choice or deciding on something can be easy. But are we ready to face the consequences?

This topic was the subject of a chat I had with B as we talked about making decisions and facing the consequences that come after making a choice. A friend of ours was having a hard time deciding whether she is willing to put her heart on the line and allow herself to fall in love with someone. She had so many fears and wondered whether this potential relationship is worth it.

In the end, she decided not to push through with it and the guy never bothered her again. When the guy disappeared, she began second-guessing herself whether she made the right decision. And it appears that she is not quite ready to face the consequence that whatever relationship they had has come to an end.

Just recently, I also made a decision to open up to someone. Billy has been regularly fishing for information on my life status and I’ve never felt comfortable sharing it. I don’t know. Sometimes, I think that maybe Billy would judge me, would think of me differently. Sometimes, it was me judging myself.

After much soul-searching, counseling, praying and one five-day silent retreat, I finally decided to just come clean and tell Billy in a nutshell what’s what. Sus, sa tagal kong nag-isip, thumbs up lang ang sagot sa akin. Anak ng patola! Hahaha! Sa dami ng scenario na naglaro sa utak ko, yun lang yun?! Hahahaha!

But that’s the consequence I have to face. I don’t know how Billy will accept it or whether he will even accept it. I’ve put it out to the world and it’s no longer my call. The ball is in someone else’s court.

So what do I do then? Just keep moving on.