Everyday Rudeness

We are all guilty of this, random acts of rudeness. Most of the time, we don’t realize that we are being rude to other people. 

Sometimes, you also don’t notice when other people are being rude and so you let it slide. But some acts of rudeness can be so damn annoying. But more than anything, this is a reminder to myself to be more courteous of others.

1. Talking loudly when there are other people who can hear you.

2. Interrupting while someone else is talking.

3. Starting every reply with “hindi,” “pero,” “kasi.”

4. Being PDA when there are people around you.

5. Being late.

6. Not informing that you’ll be late.

7. Making other people uncomfortable because you’re not including them in the conversation.

8. Speaking in a language/dialect that is not understood by other people in the room.

9. Asking for pasalubong and then when you give the pasalubong someone says, “Mas masarap yung chicharon ng Bulacan.”

10. Status updates in a different language or dialect. Learn to customize your Facebook settings.

11. Sharing on social media how excited you are for an upcoming trip when someone comments, “Ay, hindi na maganda diyan nung pumunta kami.”

12. Not entertaining your guest.

So far, these are the things I can think of. I’ll probably do a part two.