Creating Spaces

Last month I decided to take a leave of absence from school. This reminds me. I haven’t really finished processing my papers. Shucks! 🙁

Creating Spaces

I explained that I’m taking a leave of absence from school to make room for new things in my life. “Creating spaces” is what my counselor Avril describes it. And because I’m creating more spaces in my life, I have decided to give up my freelance projects. * collective gasp *

I’ve been doing freelance projects since 2010. It was more of a necessity because I needed to provide for someone. When my life took a turn a couple of years ago, I needed to take on more freelance projects to pay for some court petitions.

But the Universe has a way of taking care of you and this is one big realization I have at the start of the year. I realized that through the difficult years, I was never lacking. My resources were always enough.

This year, my life is much, much better that I can finally let go of my freelance projects. Not only I can take care of the finances related to these legal petitions, I also want to free up my time to engage in other worthwhile activities.

So I’m giving up my freelance projects with peace in my heart. I trust the Universe to take care of me. I trust the Universe to engage me in other fun activities.