Cotivas, Matukad and Calagikhik Islands in Caramoan

We visited a total of nine islands in Caramoan. Each island has something great to offer visitors not just in terms of swimming but also scenery and photo opps. 

From the Gota (that’s the first) side, we visited Matukad, Sandbar, Cotivas, Sabitang Laya, and Hunongan. From the sentro side, we visited Horandayan, Kalagikhik, Asuang, and Tinago. 

I “divided” the islands according to sides to give you an idea on the length of boat travel if you’re coming from either Gota side or sentro side. If you’re on Gota and want to go to Cotivas, it would take you about an hour. If you come from the sentro side, travel time would be one and a half hours.

From the nine islands, my top three islands are Cotivas, Matukad, and Kalagikhik. If you’re staying in Gota Village, you have to make a special request from the staff so that the bangkero would take you to Cotivas and Kalagikhik since this is not usually included in Gota’s island hopping itinerary.

Gota is a stretch of fine sand. There are no structures in the island except for a few makeshift kubo. Make sure you bring chips and drinks when you go here because there are no sari-sari stores here. 

On second thought, ditch the drinks. Buy fresh buko from the caretaker. It’s P25 per buko and you can even ask her to scrape the coconut meat after. There’s nothing refreshing than drinking fresh buko juice on a scorching day.

The tide was low when we went to Cotivas. After taking a few photos, I just dipped in the water for a few minutes and then just laid on the sand and savor the surroundings.

Matukad Island, meanwhile, is the closest island from Gota Village. It’s great for swimming. We were just unlucky that when we visited it, it was raining hard so I didn’t get to take a lot of photos.

My Miss Universe pose. Wehehehe! World peace! 🙂

Matukad is about 20 minutes from Gota Village. You can choose to bring your chips and drinks or just go back to Gota Village for lunch (if you’re staying there).

The third is Kalagikhik. The island is closer to the sentro side and would only take about 20 minutes. We were lucky to visit Kalagikhik on a sunny day and there were no people on the island except for two caretakers. Other than that, we had the whole island to ourselves for four hours.

Kalagikhik offers rows of coconut trees. These are great for cover especially when you just want to lie on the sand and relish the view.

This exact moment–lying down on the sand with my favorite music playing on my iPhone–is etched in my memory. This was a perfect moment.

And to further remember this time, here’s what I wrote on the sand.