Change Is Coming


Tomorrow we herald a new chapter in our country as we elect new leaders.

This election has been terribly divisive, pitting one group with another. Admittedly, I’ve been looking at what’s happening through the social media lens and I am not happy with what I’m seeing. Friends unfollow friends. Passive aggressiveness displayed all over. Respected media establishments losing credibility over some newly created websites or blogs. Trolls everywhere. Photoshopped images, fabricated stories, conspiracy theories. A lot of hate and anger. I repeat, a lot of hate and anger.

In social media, there’s no such thing as the “bigger man” and “taking the high road.” Everyone just has to say something, anything.

Even the people I respect the most weren’t able to escape this onslaught of hate. I was and still am terribly disappointed.

The only good thing I see of this is that we are finally showing that we are not apathetic at all. We feel passionately, after all.

Tomorrow we will elect new leaders. Despite political differences, I am hopeful that the Philippines will continue its path to progress and growth. I pray that we will have leaders, who will take us in that direction. I pray that God will guide them to advance the country’s development over their own interests. Bayan muna bago ang sarili.

More importantly, I pray that we Filipinos will continue working hard. May we learn to respect and follow the law. May we learn not to cheat the government of taxes. May we learn not to bribe public officials, MMDA officers, government employees. May we learn the lesson that change should come from within.

Whoever wins the elections tomorrow, please don’t disappoint us. And to the 110 million Filipinos here and abroad, please don’t disappoint your country. For the sake of the Philippines, please be responsible citizens.