Beauty and the Beast, Pope Francis, and CCP

I bought my ticket for Beauty and the Beast many months ago. I was excited to finally see this on stage, given the fact that I loooved the animated version.

When the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines announced the dates of the Papal visit, my BATB is scheduled on the eve of Pope Francis’ public mass at the Quirino Grandstand.

I was not bothered. In fact, I took it as a welcome event because I could camp out in Luneta (my friends and I decided to check in) after watching the play.

And as I looked at the Papal schedule, Pope Francis would be at Tacloban on Jan. 17 so it was all good.

But fate had other plans. I missed the 2 PM showing for a number of reasons. One, my companions were late in meeting me. Second, the Pope changed his schedule because typhoon Amang hit Tacloban. His plane would have to leave Tacloban at 1 PM and he will arrive past 2 PM. This meant road closures and heavy traffic. Third, our cab had a flat tire.

The ticket I bought was expensive but how can you get irritated? It was totally out of control and so I just shrugged it off.

Around 5 PM, I thought of calling CCP to ask if management will honor the ticket from the 2 PM show. Lo and behold! The person who took my call said I should be at the CCP to catch the 8 PM.

I was so happy! Good thing my friends and I were staying in a hotel in Mabini Street so I hailed a cab and went to CCP. Yes, the ticketing office accommodated my ticket and gave me a seat in the same area.

And what did I think of the play? Brilliant! I cried several times while watching because I was so overwhelmed that I’m watching it on stage. I also loved that there were a lot of lines from the animated film that they included in the musical. 

There were also several original songs in the musical, those that were not part of the movie. But I’m glad that “Human Again” was included. That song was cut from the animated film. 🙂

Beauty and the Beast will be part of my #beautiful2015 movies. Thank you to CCP for accommodating my ticket. 🙂