For the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking of a theme for 2015. Last year was #investinexperience and I did a lot of things that gave me memorable experiences.

I took several trips locally and internationally. I attended several concerts. I even participated in a boudoir shoot.

It was indeed a year full of experience, a year I will not forget.

So what’s the theme for 2015? It’s #beautiful2015. What does this mean to me?

First, it’s about taking care of myself. I’ve always taken pride of the fact that I’m a low-maintenance girl. I have simple tastes in clothes, I don’t wear make-up, I’m pretty much a wash-and-wear girl.

But there’s nothing wrong with looking good and presentable. Taking care of myself a little more this year is one of my goals. This includes regular exercise.

Second, beautiful for me means experiencing beautiful things. It can be visiting a museum to look at beautiful paintings, watching beautiful movies and plays, or traveling to beautiful places.

Third, beautiful means surrounding myself with beauty. I will stop ugly talk and will not engage in ugly talk (this is going to be a big challenge for me). I will stop ugly thoughts about myself and other people.

I will surround myself in all things beautiful. 

At dahil #beautiful2015 ang theme ko, ito ang isa sa pinakamagandang picture ko. Hahahaha! Wala pang make-up yan. LOL! πŸ˜€

Ang taray, di ba?

Happy new year to all! I wish you all things bright and beautiful! πŸ™‚