Batanes In Your Mind

IMG_9632Where time runs slow and your innermost thoughts scream loudly.

Traveling can be both rewarding and jarring. It allows you to listen to stories and explore new things. At the same time, it confronts you with thoughts and emotions that you never knew existed.

Who are you? Are you an interesting human being? What stories do you share to people? Do they want to know you? Do they see through you? Do you have to talk incessantly for people to understand and know you? Or do you know that people worthy of your time are those who are willing to reach out to you?

And you likewise realize how much you have in your life. The comfortable life you temporarily leave behind. The many things you enjoy but take for granted. The close friends who see you for who you are despite your occasional silence. The ones who love listening to your stories. The ones who see through you and understand that you are a wonderful human being and that you are welcome to stay in their lives.

The Batanes in your mind is images of contrast. Amidst the scenic views and breathtaking creations, there you are reflecting on your own life and wonder if it is just as breathtaking as the view.

And as you leave Batanes behind, you look back and realize that the life you lead, has lead, and will continue to lead also takes your breath away.