About Me

Who am I?

My name means “rock” in French.
My last name means “shining light” or “compassion” in Greek.

I have the uncanny and lucky ability to eat sinful food (sweets, fried anything) and not gain a single pound.

The most influential people in my life were my grade school teachers (Ms. Estelita Felizardo and Mrs. Mary Ann Agudon). If you know where they are, buzz me.
I was bullied in high school (I still remember your names, bitches!) and suffered from inferiority complex for two years.
I love UP. I also love Ateneo. I love UP just a teeny weeny bit more.

I’ve been studying formally for the last 25 years.
I have an MBA to my name and working on my second Master’s.
I’m still deciding if I want to pursue a doctorate degree.

For a couple of years, I wrote for a children’s publication.
My specialty then was writing short stories and comic scripts with moral lessons and Biblical references.

I am in the corporate communication and social media fields.

I ghostwrite for a number of clients (outside the Philippines).

I’ve been keeping a diary since I was in sixth grade.

I have earned a few industry awards.

I look snobbish when you first meet me but I’m really nice. šŸ™‚