A Short History of Roche

I love my name. My dad named me after a small town in France called La Rochelle. Growing up, it was easy for teachers to recognize me because of my name. 

In grade school, I was the only one with that name. In high school, there were only two of us. Even at work, I think there are only three employees named Rochelle.

But aside from my real nick (Nini), most people call me Roche. I got that nickname in fifth grade when my crush G (wehehehe!) started calling me that. It stuck and people have called me Roche ever since.

But depending on how it’s pronounced, you get an idea when I met that person.

Ro-che = people from grade school and high school
Roch = people from college and the newspaper company I worked for
Rosh = people who are not quite sure how to pronounce my name
Roach = people in my current workplace

Among these, I prefer Roch best. Short, no frills. Walang arte.

The name I like the least is Roach. I mean, seriously, who would want to be called by a term that’s very close to “cockroach?”

It was an office mate who called me this and it stuck. For the last 10 years, everyone who knows me in the office pronounces my name this way and it’s difficult to correct them at this point so I just let them be.

Never call me Rochelle. That name is reserved for my dad IF he gets mad at me. Seriously! When somebody calls me Rochelle, I automatically get scared because I feel like the person’s going to reprimand me.

So if you ever get to meet me, just call me Roch and we’ll be fine. 🙂

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