50 Things to Do Before You Die

One of my guilty pleasures is to read Lifehack (and BuzzFeed) articles. The article 50 Things You Should Do Before You Die caught my attention recently.

I have a few items on my bucket list but I thought of challenging myself and see if I tick off all these things.

1. Go on a road trip
Done in 2001. There were a lot of road trips before and after this trip but the Great Northern Luzon Road Trip remains the most memorable.

2. Visit all seven continents
Just one continent 🙁 but will work on it. 🙂

3. Live in a different country

4. Sleep under the stars
I can’t quite remember so I won’t cross this off yet.

5. Watch all those damn movies everyone keeps talking about

6. Read all those damn books everyone keeps talking about

7. Make something from scratch

8. Conquer a fear
I have had two greatest fears: become poor and get cheated on. Last year, I got to experience both. But my life has been blessed greatly because of these two incidents. I never knew that experiencing these two fears made me a better, stronger and happier person. I rock! Oh, God rocks! 🙂

9. Learn a foreign language
I know a bit of Spanish but I want to go back and finally master the language. I won’t cross this off yet.

10. Donate your hair for cancer

11. Disconnect for a week
Most likely to happen soon.

12. Go to a major sporting event

13. Take part in a city running event
Does joining Unilab Active Health Run United count?

14. Volunteer at a soup kitchen

15. Host Christmas

16. Adopt a rescue pet

17. Eat something you wouldn’t usually
How about crickets from Everybody’s Cafe?

18. Learn a new skill

19. Get a ‘regrettable make out’ story.
I’m not really sure if I want to experience this. 🙁

20. Sleepover somewhere haunted

21. Stay awake for 24 hours
Done in 1999 when we pulled an overnighter for our college thesis.

22. Attend a cop-raided party

23. Get arrested
Okay, this is seriously one thing I don’t want to cross of this list. But if arrested means getting flagged down by a cop for some traffic violation, then it’s probably oaky.

24. Climb a mountain
Done. Thank you, Mount Pulag!

25. Swim in the ocean

26. Sleep on the beach
Coming soon.

27. Pilot an aircraft

28. Bury a time capsule…and open it!

29. Take a cocktail-making course

30. Host a cocktail party

31. Skinny dip
Sounds exciting but incredibly SCARY!

32. Grow your own
Done when I was a kid. I grew a bunch of corn before my mom murdered them all. 🙁

33. Have a ‘Ferris Bueller’ day

34. Go to an expensive ‘open house’
This should be fun. 

35. Research your family tree

36. Leave a note for a stranger
This should be fun, too!

37. Give blood
Okay, this one is something I probably won’t be able to cross off. A couple of years ago, I attempted to donate blood for a niece. It turned out that my veins are too thin for blood donation. I don’t know if that is really a medical fact but the nurse from Heart Center said my veins won’t be able to pump enough blood for donation. 🙁

38. Google yourself
Regularly. As a digital palengkera (that’s digital marketer for you!), I Google everything, including myself. It comes with the job. 🙂

39. Ride in a limo

40. Watch all of the James Bond films
Not a fan but okay…

41. Try a sensory deprivation tank

42. Give your lunch to a homeless person

43. Get in a mud fight

44. Protest something
Done! I came from UP so it’s a given.

45. Karaoke
This is fairly regular thing in the office.

46. Get your fortune read
Done. I dabbled in tarot reading and the occult when I was younger.

47. Swim under a waterfall

48. Go on an aimless drive

49. Go stargazing
Done. I did a lot of this as a kid. I was really fascinated with astronomy. One of my brothers was named after a constellation. 🙂

50. Follow a dream
I’ve achieved a lot of dream and I continue to pursue so many dreams.

So, I’m posing this as a challenge to myself. Let’s see how much I can cross off this year.