36 Blessings

Another year has passed and I am grateful. My life is blessed. I am blessed. And here are the 36 things I am most grateful for the last 12 months.

1. Good health of my parents
2. A good steady job, a job that I really love
3. Good friends
4. A steady raket
5. A safe place of my own
6. The chance to give back to others
7. Songs on my Spotify playlist
8. Shanghai, Caramoan, Hong Kong, Dumaguete, Macau, and Bohol
9. A part-time maid that does household chores once a week.
10. Ateneo de Manila University
11. My promotion to assistant manager
12. Being able to file important petitions
13. A place I can go home to every weekend
14. Being able to buy my favorite Kate Spade items
15. Staying thin without any effort
16. My laptop
17. My iPhone
18. Online chats with friends
19. A mini-reunion with high school friends
20. Physical books
21. Bruno Mars and Wicked
22. The Walking Dead, The Mindy Project, and Psych
23. A dream of second chances
24. Boudoir shoot
25. The chance to blog again
26. A trip to the National Museum and Walk This Way
27. The chance to be generous to people even when they don’t reciprocate
28. Living a few blocks from the office
29. Trust and confidence of my bosses
30. My support group
31. Philippine Madrigal Singers’ Panorama
32. Relatively good health, which I still need to work on
33. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
34. Regular communication with my brothers
35. Seeing my niece
36. Better judgment of people

I am grateful. This has been a terrific year! #thankyoumoreplease