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How to Find the Right Digital Marketing Consultant for Your Business?

You’re thinking of getting the services of a digital marketing consultant but you’re not exactly sure how to find the right one. You’re also uncertain on what qualifications you should look for.

  1. Work experience
    There are many individuals acting as consultants when they haven’t even implemented any digital marketing campaign. That’s a no-no. Author Malcolm Gladwell, in his book “Outliers,” said that someone must have spent at least 10,000 hours of practicing a task before she considers herself an expert. This 10,000-Hour Rule is equivalent to 10 years.
  2. Educational background
    Aside from the usual background check on where she graduated from, a digital marketing consultant should also be continuously upgrading skills in her field of choice. Digital is an ever-changing field with new developments happening. A great digital marketing consultant never stops learning.
  3. Past companies
    A digital marketing consultant that has worked for large corporations is always a great resource to you. Imagine a wealth of information that is available to you. She can share best practices, key performance indicators (KPIs), work processes–information that can be applied to your own business.
  4. Someone who believes in what you do
    Your consultant should be aligned with your mission, vision and values.If your consultant does not believe in what you do, she will not be able to help you push for your vision. A consultant should embrace your business as if it were her own because ultimately, this is what she’s helping you for.
  5. Rapport
    You need to have a connection and rapport with your consultant. A digital marketing consultant is like your BBF, your business best friend. If you’re not in sync and attuned to each other, your relationship will be difficult and would require more work.

Are you ready to take the step and get the services of a digital marketing consultant? Message me now.

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