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The Universe surprises you and it hits you hard. The situation in your head is not what it seems all along. Or somewhere along the way, when you thought everything was running smoothly, God tells you that this is not the way to go. Pinatikim ka lang, pinasaya ka lang saglit, pero things are not what they seemed to be.

Akala mo ikaw na. Akala mo ito na. Hindi pala. Iba pala.

But you take comfort in the fact that God’s timing is always perfect. Even when you discover that painful thing, you understand that God’s timing is still perfect. Binigay Nya yung knowledge na yun dahil alam Nya na ready ka na. Alam Nya na kaya mo na tanggapin. And it’s true.

Despite the pain you’re feeling, you know in your heart that God’s love never fails. This is just a minor setback. This is just another bump in your road to forever.

Salamat. Thank you for the memories. It was fun while it lasted.

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At Ease

My phone’s wall paper. It’s a daily reminder that what is meant to be will not pass me by.

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