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This 20Believe17, I wish that you would:

* Live more. Minsan nakakatakot pero there’s nothing more satisfying than realizing that you were worried over NOTHING. Tsaka pangit yun may regrets ka sa buhay so go lang ng go. Deadma sa sasabihin ng iba. Buhay mo naman yan so wapakels sila.

* Love more: love your life, your work, friends, loved ones. You may get hurt or disappointed at some point but at least, you loved. Better na yun kesa you live an empty and wasted life. Hindi nakaka-cancer ang magmahal pero magkaka-cancer ka sa lungkot at stress.

* Laugh more. Masarap tumawa so surround yourself with happy, positive and supportive people. The quality of your life depends on the kind of people you surround yourself with. Nega people = nega life. Happy people = bonggels life.

* Lastly, believe more. Believe that life is amazing. Believe that you deserve to live a happy life. And believe that God has better things in store for you.

Happy new year! The time to live your best life starts today!

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