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Hello, Prague!

Prague was just a dream ever since I saw it as one of the pit stops in the¬†first few seasons of the Amazing Race. Since then, I’ve always wanted to go to Prague.

And just last month, that dream became a reality. Hello, Prague. ūüôā

Rochelle Leonor

My Bucket List


I created a bucket list in September 2013, a few months after I began a new chapter in my life. It’s not really a “Before I Die” list but more of a list of goals I want to accomplish.

As I browse my Facebook account, I chanced upon my bucket list. To my great delight, I realized that I accomplished quite a few things in just two years.¬†Here’s my list but I deliberately edited out some items, which I feel are¬†too personal to share at the moment.

1. Travel alone. [Done in 2015. I traveled to Coron and Hong Kong in just one week]
2. Go to Batanes.¬†[Okay, this is not counted because while I had tickets to Batanes last January, I wasn’t able to push through with the trip. So close.]
4. Have my marriage annulled. [Done!]
6. Go to Europe. [Done! My gulay!]
7. Attend Mass at the Vatican.
8. Finish my second Master’s.¬†[Inching closer to this as I only have three subjects left]
9. Learn a new skill.
10. Learn a new language.
11. Be able to save 10% of my net income to church.
12. Go to Tokyo to watch the Olympics in 2020.
14. Buy my own condo in 2015. [Done!]

Basically, I accomplished four major things in two years. Now, I would have to add on to this list.