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Weddings at Work

Do you believe in love that lasts a lifetime? May forever! 🙂 If you are getting married or you know anyone who just got engaged, please invite them to check out or W@W for short.


Benz and Abet are the founders of W@W. Basta anything and everything weddings, you can find here. 🙂 Benz is one of the people, who had a huge effect in my life. The support group that Benz founded is one of the reasons why I was able to transition to my new life.

So, visit na at maniwala tayo sa forever! 🙂

Just Say Yes!

And to cap off my “brave” week, here’s something from Tina Fey. 🙂



This is how I look at life now. Enough of the calculating, enough of the fears, enough of the worries. One thing I realized over the years is that my fears are usually bigger than what’s real. When things happen, they are not so bad, after all. In fact, they’re okay! So, just go ahead and jump!

“You’re Going to Make a Wonderful Grown-Up”

The second trailer of The Little Prince is out. And it’s magical! <3

You can also check out the French version, which is slightly different. And although I don’t understand French, the song used in the French trailer is one of my favorite songs. 🙂

Here’s to the Brave People I Know

I’m on a “brave” kick this week. 🙂

Be Brave

Here’s to all the brave people I know:

* The lady who lost her husband and child within six months, and still have a huge amount of strength to go on

* The good friend who quit her full-time job two years ago to fulfill full-time freelancing

* The lady who keeps on fighting for her baby to survive

* The man who found love again after losing his first marriage

* The good friend who found love again after two failed relationships

* The good friend who found the strength to move on after falling in love with a seminarian

* The good friend who continues to strive to save her marriage

* The lady, whose husband left her for another woman, but still continues to thrive for her two kids

* The good friend, whose husband left her for another woman, but she continues to be friendly with her husband

* The woman who has bounced back after an abusive marriage

* The friend who continues to help other women, who are transitioning to a new life

* The single mom who continues to strive to raise her only child

And to all the brave souls out there, who loved and broke their hearts, who won and lost their battles, who continue to survive, thrive and fly. May you never lose faith, hope and love. 🙂


Sometimes all you need to do is jump!



It’s a Kindness Kind of Week

People were so kind to me this week!

I mean, people naman are generally kind to me but this week was a bit different. Puro surprises, actually, so mas masaya sa feeling.

Three acts of kindness stood out this week. First was the surprise pasalubong of a friend fphotorom HK. Food pasalubong! You know me. pagkain lang ang katapat ko. 🙂

Second was this one from B. She was out with her friends at Mrs. Graham’s. I don’t know that place but I guess it sells cutesy, artsy stuff. She said she thought of me when she saw an Archie coin purse so she bought it for me. 🙂

I love anything Archie so ang saya lang nito, di ba? Love, love, love!

Someone also sent me a message via chat. Met that person over dinner recently so the person left me a message the following morning. “I woke up feeling so happy. Feeling ko I “fed” on your good vibes.” It was super nice to receive this message. I don’t think I did anything extraordinary during dinner. Nagkuwentuhan lang kami tungkol sa buhay nya. 🙂 But it was nice to know that whatever I did or my presence left a positive effect.

Thank you, great, big Universe! My heart is overflowing with love. Right back at ya!

Singin’ in the Rain

I loved Singin’ in the Rain, the movie version. I loved it even more when we studied it in my Graduate Cinema class. The play will start its Manila run on Aug. 20 and I’m watching! You can get your tickets from TicketWorld.

Singing in the Rain

Silent Retreat and Answers

I went on a silent retreat last Holy Week. I wanted to make sure that I am doing well in my life and that I’m on the right path. I was also looking for some answers and I thought that the silent retreat would give me that.

And I did. I got all the answers and assurance that I need. The answers didn’t come all at the same time. Some came while I prayed, others while I reflected. The retreat director also helped me. One answer came through Fr. Buenconsejo.

1. God wants you to be happy.

This is validation of what a lot of friends have told me. I’ve always believed it because the last few years have been just so happy. I am still amazed at how much God has blessed my life. It’s like the many years of darkness and misery were replaced with light, love, and hope.

2. You are not going back.

This was one nagging thought I had, that someone would tell me to go back where I camIMG_6362e from. Blame that old Catholic guilt. I never doubted that God has allowed me to move on and leave a dark chapter in my life and I never want to go back ever again. I wanted confirmation that God is happy that I’m moving forward.

I got the answer from Fr. Buenconsejo himself. During confession while he was giving me absolution, he said that giving me absolution doesn’t mean I have to go back because the marriage has ended. Imagine my relief when he said this. I remember that after the confession, I headed straight to the chapel and cried unabashedly. Parang gripo yung iyak ko because I received the blessing loud and clear.

3. Trust Him and be patient.

My one question is what are God’s plans for me? I am living a happy life. God is taking good care of me but I want to know what His plans are. When will I get my annulments? Am I going to get married again? Am I going to have kids? Am I destined to live alone? What am I going to do with the rest of my life? I also have one particular intention that I’ve been praying for. In fact, it is the reason why I’ve abstained from pork.

The message I received is that I need to trust Him and that I should be patient. God has always taken cared of me and He will always take care of me.

4. Don’t be afraid.

Related to having trust and patience, the message of having courage was also clear. I got to apply this when I had to fess up to Billy about something. He didn’t say anything but it doesn’t matter because I faced my fear. How Billy accepts it is up to him.

5. Bring others closer to God.

This was a big lesson for me. Over the last few weeks, I noticed that there were at least four friends, who sought my advice for their marital problems. I was a bit uncomfortable because what right do I have to dish out marital advice. I wondered why I was attracting these people.

One realization I had over this is that I was not jaded about love. I listened to their problems without feeling any bitterness. I also didn’t advise them to leave their husbands. Quite the opposite, I told them to take care of their marriages. When I told B about this, she said, “Good, your heart is okay.”

Yes, my heart nga is okay and that was a happy realization. 🙂

When I told this to my retreat director, what she said struck me. She said that maybe these people see that I’m in a good and peaceful place and it inspires them that one day they would be at the same place. She also said that when people approach me to share their problems, I should always remember to bring them closer to God.

It’s a good advice, isn’t it? It’s a good barometer of any word or action. It’s a good reminder that whatever you say or do, make sure you bring others closer to God.

This has also become my own benchmark. I should surround myself with friends, who bring me closer to God. For the record, my friends are great and have always been good influences on me. 🙂 And when I want to start dating again, then I should choose someone who bring me closer to God.

The silent retreat has opened my eyes to a lot of things. It affected my life and mindset in such a profound way. I’m very grateful. 🙂

Facing the Consequences

We are faced with choices every single day. Some are small, seemingly mundane choices. Some are huge and can be potentially life-changing.


Making a choice or deciding on something can be easy. But are we ready to face the consequences?

This topic was the subject of a chat I had with B as we talked about making decisions and facing the consequences that come after making a choice. A friend of ours was having a hard time deciding whether she is willing to put her heart on the line and allow herself to fall in love with someone. She had so many fears and wondered whether this potential relationship is worth it.

In the end, she decided not to push through with it and the guy never bothered her again. When the guy disappeared, she began second-guessing herself whether she made the right decision. And it appears that she is not quite ready to face the consequence that whatever relationship they had has come to an end.

Just recently, I also made a decision to open up to someone. Billy has been regularly fishing for information on my life status and I’ve never felt comfortable sharing it. I don’t know. Sometimes, I think that maybe Billy would judge me, would think of me differently. Sometimes, it was me judging myself.

After much soul-searching, counseling, praying and one five-day silent retreat, I finally decided to just come clean and tell Billy in a nutshell what’s what. Sus, sa tagal kong nag-isip, thumbs up lang ang sagot sa akin. Anak ng patola! Hahaha! Sa dami ng scenario na naglaro sa utak ko, yun lang yun?! Hahahaha!

But that’s the consequence I have to face. I don’t know how Billy will accept it or whether he will even accept it. I’ve put it out to the world and it’s no longer my call. The ball is in someone else’s court.

So what do I do then? Just keep moving on.