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Waiting requires faith and fate. Faith that whatever happens, the great, big Universe will take care of you. Fate that whatever is meant for you will not pass you by.

So, let’s wait.

Waiting and Fate

This quote resonated with me more than two years ago. It resonates until now.


And this is for you.


And maybe a reminder for you na din. In short, wait for me! Saglit na lang ito. 😀


When You Need An Annulment

Some are lucky to get it right the first time. Some are not as lucky and they become trapped in toxic and abusive marriages.

If you’re one of those who want to have a shot at second chance and you are considering an annulment (because divorce is not available in the Philippines), maybe Winning New Beginnings can help you.

Winning New Beginnings

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There Goes My EQ!

What a stressful week!


I take pride in the fact that I have such a high EQ (ask my friends!) and I’m rarely bothered by anything. It takes a lot before I get upset. This week is different, though. Major fucked up week talaga.

The week started with unpleasantness. May makapal na tumapak sa teritoryo ko. Dude, yung problem mo, hindi ko problem, ah. Sobrang tagal ko nang hindi problema yun so leave me alone.

Then, some family issues (nothing biggie, just annoyances).

Then, that cryptic Facebook post of Billy.

Billy Thomas

Don’t ask me kung sino si Billy. Obviously code name sya kasi baka binabasa nya din blog ko. Sakit sa bangs nung cryptic Facebook post. One, hindi mapost sa Facebook yun. Two, may ganung cryptic post??? Para kanino yan??

Sakit sa batok! Lumipad talaga ang EQ ko habang naggrocery ako sa SM Megamall. Buti na lang kakatapos ko lang maglunch nung nabasa ko yung Facebook post. Otherwise, nawalan siguro ako ng gana at humagulgol ng bonggang-bongga!

Yesterday naman, I learned of the news that the baby of a Facebook groupmate passed away. Ay, bad trip talaga. We have been raising funds for Baby Mia the last few months because we wanted to her to survive. May emotional investment kaming lahat sa kanya. So receiving the news that she passed away, hay naku. Nakakapanghina.

Bad trip talaga yung week. I rarely say it but yesterday, I really said “Thank God it’s Friday.” May two days ako para magkulong sa kweba ko. Nanghina talaga ako. Nadrain ako, ate!

Hoy, Billy. Kung inistalk mo ako dito, nakita ko yung post na yun, ah. At dahil assuming ako na ako yung pinatatamaan mo, sumagot ako by posting my own Facebook status. Kung nabasa mo yun, obviously ikaw yun pinapatungkulan ko kasi sinet ko yung privacy settings na ikaw lang ang makakabasa.

Pero kung hindi naman pala ako yung pinaparinggan mo, eh di keribels. What are you doing reading my blog, anyway?

* attempting to recover my EQ *

Yesterday, I was telling MS that in a way, I’m grateful pa din even if it was a stressful week. To be honest, I don’t remember the last time I’ve had such an emotionally stressful week, the kind na lumipad yung EQ ko. So, I’m looking at the bright side kasi ibig sabihin, madaming-madaming weeks na masaya at maganda. So, thank you na din.

Yun lang. End of rant na.

P.S. Billy, kung hindi ka pa din sure kung ikaw nga si Billy, Google mo si Billy Thomas of Ally McBeal. Ano ang major similarity nyo? Pak! Yun na yun!



Isn’t this a good word? Gravitate. There’s something so compelling about the word. To me, gravitate is a combination of attraction and fate. 🙂

Anyhoo, here’s a beautiful passage:


Just a bit of personal sharing. Billy appears and disappears. I don’t understand why. But this is what I hope: that he gravitates back. Are you listening, Universe? 😀

Where Do Broken Hearts Go? The Crazy Jhenny Edition

My friend Albert is a cartoonist at Philippine Daily Inquirer. He’s the cartoonist behind Crazy Jhenny.

A few days back, he posted a Facebook status. Obviously connected to the hugely successful That Thing Called Tadhana.



I didn’t realize then that my friend was sourcing comic strip ideas. Later, he tagged me on Facebook for this post. 🙂 I was surprised to see that my question made it to his comic strip. Thanks, A! You rock! 🙂


Ikaw, may tanong ka ba?

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#ThrowbackThursday Run United

In all my years of doing digital, my work with Unilab Active Health remains my favorite and the one I am most proud of.

Five years ago, I experimented with digital and created the fan page of Run United 2010. Because of the success of the event, the Unilab Active Health brand was created and it became synonymous to organizing secured, safe and enjoyable runs.

Today, I am no longer involved with ULAH, whether events organizing or digital. But I am proud of what little legacy I’ve made for this brand.