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Creating Spaces

Last month I decided to take a leave of absence from school. This reminds me. I haven’t really finished processing my papers. Shucks! 🙁

Creating Spaces

I explained that I’m taking a leave of absence from school to make room for new things in my life. “Creating spaces” is what my counselor Avril describes it. And because I’m creating more spaces in my life, I have decided to give up my freelance projects. * collective gasp *

I’ve been doing freelance projects since 2010. It was more of a necessity because I needed to provide for someone. When my life took a turn a couple of years ago, I needed to take on more freelance projects to pay for some court petitions.

But the Universe has a way of taking care of you and this is one big realization I have at the start of the year. I realized that through the difficult years, I was never lacking. My resources were always enough.

This year, my life is much, much better that I can finally let go of my freelance projects. Not only I can take care of the finances related to these legal petitions, I also want to free up my time to engage in other worthwhile activities.

So I’m giving up my freelance projects with peace in my heart. I trust the Universe to take care of me. I trust the Universe to engage me in other fun activities.

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Positive Parenting Philippines

Meet my friend, Clarice! 🙂 She’s the moving force behind Positive Parenting Philippines.

Positive Parenting Philippines

If you are having a hard time instilling discipline to your kids or if you’re struggling with not listening, whining, temper tantrums, you should join Positive Parenting Philippines’ Workshop on Parenting: The Positive Discipline Way. It happens on March 14, 2015.

Through this seminar-workshop, parents can learn the underlying motivations of children’s behaviors and how parents can influence these behaviors.

I’m not yet a mom but I have a lot of friends, who attended the first run of this workshop and they saw real results from the workshop. And I’m not saying this kasi friend ko si Cla. 🙂 Basta, you should join this! 🙂

“Ako’ng bahala sa iyo!”

A couple of weeks back, our team had our kick-off conference/teambuilding activity. We went kayaking and my boss partnered with me because I don’t know how to swim. 

As we boarded our kayak, I asked him what should I do. He said, “Relax ka lang. Ako’ng bahala sa iyo.”

“Ako’ng bahala sa iyo.”

Those, to me, are powerful words.

I learned independence at  a young age. I have a strong sense of self and I like making decisions for myself. I am self-reliant and pretty much do everything for myself.

I rarely hear someone say to me “Ako’ng bahala sa iyo” but it feels good when I hear it. There’s something so beautiful about that statement. And it works for me on so many levels.

Allowing someone to be responsible for me means humility (mainly on my part). Like I said, I pretty much do everything for myself, which means I have a good control of my life. To have someone be responsible for me means letting go and that is a challenge.

Second, it requires complete trust. I’ve been burned many times and trust is something I don’t readily give. Accepting that statement means I have to trust that person.

Third, that statement requires confidence (mainly on the person who said it). Confidence is so fucking sexy. LOL! I don’t care if you’re fat, small, thin, tall, etc. If you have confidence (not arrogance, ah), you are damn one sexy beast. 🙂

Imagine mo na lang you go out on a date and your date says, “Relax ka lang. Ako’ng bahala sa iyo.” Isn’t that great? It sends the message na your date has thought of everything and all you need to do is enjoy the night. 1000+ pogi points!

Fourth, it’s something I want and need. Being independent can be exasperating and I accept that people need people (is that a song?). At times, I just want to sit back and let someone take over. Parang, “Okay, chill lang ako dito. Bahala ka na sa akin.”

Nice, di ba?